A 90th Birthday Gift Challenge by Kathryn Shelley

One of the best gifts ever is to find like-minded friends who become enduring companions on life’s journey. I’ll never forget the impact of hearing Jim Rockwell admit to getting up in the middle of the night to look in the mirror, seeing his reflection at age 61 finally connected to other faces that looked like his. It was Jim’s vulnerability and his expressiveness that endeared me along with many others to him. AKA meetings are like that – filled with authentic seekers about adoption, not the bumper sticker version, but the complex, real version with its life-long impact. AKA represents what Jim Rockwell, I and other AKA founders longed for – deliberate conversations that support the dignity of children and the adults they become, along with the dignity of their birth and adoptive families.
On September 13th, Jim Rockwell will turn 90 years old. For almost 30 years I’ve watched Jim offer support to everyone committed to improving areas of inhumane adoption policy and practice. Jim’s literal voice is fading now, but his legacy and love for the organization he started has not. In honor of Jim’s birthday, please join me in giving a gift of $90 to AKA. Your investment will support AKA’s November conference – our biggest event of the year bringing ALL parties in adoption together for holistic education, community building, and emotional support. AKA needs 22 people to reach their $2000 goal. Any amount is needed and welcomed.
If you’d also like to send Jim a birthday card, his address is 118 Kenneally Blvd., Gladstone, MI 49837.
Thank you Donors!
Kathryn Shelley
Fiona McInally
Abrazo Adoption Associates
Adam Pertman
Dawn Scott, Beauty Counter Consultant
Connie Smith
Benita Rubinett
Pam Hasegawa
Pat Dorner
Rich & Rona Pogrund
Rosemarie Blanchard
Marci Purcell

Jim Rocwell & Kathryn Shelley

Jim Rockwell & Pat Dorner

Jim with biological nephew, Bud