Our Philosophy

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AKA recognizes that adoption is a life-long experience; therefore, we serve as an ongoing informational & emotional resource for people touched by adoption.

AKA endorses ideas and practices that serve to support the dignity of children and the dignity of their birth and adoptive families.

AKA recognizes a responsibility and committment to share experiences, positive and negative, in order to contribute to the public’s understanding of adoption issues and to enable reform in adoption practices.

AKA believes any significant description of adoption must involve a balance of ALL segments of the triad; therefore, we encourage the collective participation of birth parents, adoptive parents and adopted people.

AKA supports practices which promote honesty and which responsibly educate participants about adoption’s unique issues and concerns.

AKA supports the adopted persons’ fundamental right to accurate information of their history, the birthparents’ fundamental right to accurate information regarding their children placed for adoption, and the adoptive parents fundamental right to accurate information regarding their children’s birthfamilies.

AKA asserts that each participant in adoption experiences grief and loss therefore, any significant description of the adoption experience must recognize the themes of grief and loss.

We recognize the vulnerability of each member of the triad; therefore, AKA endorses professionals who are committed to educating and empowering triad members with full information regarding their choices and the life-long implications of those choices.


Mission Statement

Adoption Knowledge Affiliates connects individuals, families, and professionals in their adoption journey through lifelong education and support.