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Dear AKA,
“Thank you” seems hardly enough for the 8 years of education, support and validation I have received from the monthly meetings and annual conference. AKA helped me to understand my experience as a birth mother and did much to renew my dignity and self esteem. It is wonderful to be around adoptive parents and witness their intense love and commitment to their adopted children. It feels good to know that it is people of this quality that are parenting the children that we felt like we could not. Likewise, being in the presence of adopted persons and hearing their stories and feelings helps me to feel closer to my found daughter. Thank you. You have added much to the satisfaction of my life.

Arlinda, birth mother

From Adopted People

“First I have to say I found Marci by some universal, small world sort of happenstance! I couldn’t have met Marci had I not shared my story (at that time I didn’t know it was just the beginning). She asked me to become a part of AKA and told me her story. She then directed me toward the tools I would need to start writing the next chapters of my life. In the following weeks she invited me to the 2015 AKA conference. Here I had the opportunity, for the first time in my life, to hear adoptees speak out in an open, welcoming forum. I felt like I got to mingle with a family I had never known. And, three days after the conference, I got to do it again. I met my birth Mom and her two children, my half sister and brother for the very first time! I can never really express how thankful I am for AKA and their kind ways and insights. They promise to do their very best as a non-profit organization to support every part of the adoption triangle. “Grateful” doesn’t begin to express how I feel.
Thank you.”

-Sharon Frech, adoptee in reunion

“I just felt such a need to see someone I looked like, but I didn’t want to hurt anyone. AKA helped me realize that yearning was not only ok, but natural and healthy.”

“When I was beginning to think about searching, it was so helpful to hear birth mothers at AKA talk about their feelings, through the years, about the children they had placed for adoption.”

“Hearing prospective adoptive parents’ fears, experiences and emotions has helped me understand my own adoptive parents better.”

From Birth Parents

“AKA gave me a voice when no one could hear me. They gave me the strength and motivation to find my past and heal the present. They have opened the secrets and lies and gave power to the truth. We ALL matter (birth parents, adoptees, adoptive parents) We can learn from each other in an open healthy safe environment. Together we are the woven triangle of love.”

-Karen Roebuck Howrey, birth parent & adoptee in reunion

“Most birth parents deal with such a high level of judgment, it was wonderful to finally find a place of true acceptance at AKA.”

“Being in the presence of adoptive parents who really wanted to hear what we thought started our own healing process.”

“AKA provided a roadmap through the search and reunion part of my life … hearing the educational programs, getting the support from others helped me each step of the way.”

From Adoptive Parents

“My heart is filled with gratitude to every volunteer educational speaker, every adoptee, every birth parent and every adoptive parent whose courage in sharing their stories at AKA has provided the knowledge I’ve needed to better manage my own. I’ve learned to be a more empathetic, more attuned parent with skills developed as a result of advice and information I may never have known existed. AKA blends the best evidence based science from leading experts with the power of peer-based, practical, firsthand experience to create a greater awareness of and appreciation for the ongoing and tender complexities adoption entails. AKA is a personal connection with real, sometimes critical resources to help at every turn, and friends who understand why it’s challenging. The sense of unity that being part of a true community brings is invaluable to us. I owe you all a debt I can only repay by continuing to share your wisdom with my daughter, honoring and respecting her truth, and supporting her with love from every side of her family. Thank you to all the donors who make this forum possible! We are a stronger family because of you!”

-Dawn Williamson Scott, adoptive parent

“We were overwhelmed with questions and fears when we started exploring adoption. The people at AKA helped us sort through the short- and long-term issues involved.”

“We’ve relied on the people, books and tapes offered by AKA to help us handle what each new stage brings in raising our child through adoption.”

“Hearing adult adopted people and birth parents talk has changed my life – helping me feel not so frightened, just more prepared for the future and more validated as a parent.”

From Professionals

“The world of adoption is in dire need of education, we have leagues to go, both in working with triad memebers and our community at large.”

“Each time I attend an AKA meeting, I’m wishing my colleagues were also gaining the awareness of just how profound these issues are for each party touhced by adoption.”

“I learned more in one day at your conference than in five years of social work experience.”