Volunteer Opportunities

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Why Volunteer for AKA?

AKA is a volunteer-run non-profit organization, so we need your help! We have both big jobs and small jobs, so you are able to choose something that fits your schedule. Whatever opportunity you choose, you will be rewarded by spending time with the most friendly and fun individuals in Austin. AKA is a very unique organization because it serves all members of the adoption triad (birthparents, adoptive parents and adopted people) as well as their friends and family and the professionals who work with them. AKA gives people touched by adoption a place to come together to support each other and to learn from one another. Since one out of every six people is touched by adoption, think of all the people AKA helps! If you aren’t a member of the triad or an adoption professional but you have an adopted cousin, a friend who is a birthfather, a neighbor who adopted a child or you are just looking for a great non-profit organization to support – WE NEED YOU! Below is a list of volunteer opportunities. Most of the jobs can be split among several people, so feel free to take the part of the job that most appeals to you. We hope you consider donating some of your valuable time to AKA; it will be time well spent.

Education Committee

Determine what programs would most benefit AKA members. Identify and coordinate speakers for the monthly meetings, determine speaker topics, write descriptions of the meetings for publicity, send speaker thank you letters.
Time Commitment: 1 hour per month
Contact: Amanda Surrec, aka@adoptionknowledge.org

Fundraising Committee

Help AKA plan and execute fun and creative fundraising events.
Time Commitment:  Varies depending on scope of projects and number of volunteers.
Contact: Amanda Surrec, aka@adoptionknowledge.org

Membership/Hospitality Committee

Greet members at monthly meetings. Coordinate snacks at monthly meetings. Call first time visitors and former members.
Time Commitment: 2 hours per month
Contact: Amanda Surrec, aka@adoptionknowledge.org

Marketing Committee

Update AKA events on free community listings, participate in adoption fairs, and coordinate media opportunities.
Time Commitment: 2 hours per month
Contact: Amanda Surrec, aka@adoptionknowledge.org

Research grant opportunities for AKA

Research grant opportunities for special events.
Time Commitment: Varies depending on number of volunteers.  Most of research can be done on-line and remotely.
Contact: Amanda Surrec, aka@adoptionknowledge.org

Link AKA to World Wide Web

Explore adoption-related internet sites; prepare a list of recommended sites on which AKA should be listedl
Contact: Amanda Surrec, aka@adoptionknowledge.org