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Adoption Knowledge Affiliates is a volunteer organization devoted to adoption education and support. Our programs and services are designed with the knowledge that adoption deeply impacts all the people involved and that adoption is an on-going, life-long process … not a one-time event. AKA is especially unique in that we bring together all parties of the adoption triad: adopted people, birth family, adoptive parents, prospective adoptive parents, and professionals. Typically, all of these parties are separated in adoption. AKA believes that the most benefit can come from the learning and sharing we do together.

AKA meets monthly for a general education meeting, always on the third Monday of the monthly. Our monthly meeting topics alternate and we offer a wide range of programming applicable to all members of the adoption triad, as well as those who have chosen different paths toward adoption (domestic, international, or foster/adopt). AKA often sponsors workshops and adoption related events throughout the year, and we host an adoption triad conference every November.

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