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AKA offers a safe place for adult adopted people to meet and share their experiences. The adoptee support group takes place each month directly following the educational meeting. Being founded by adopted adults, adoptees continue to be at the heart of AKA.

Our general education meeting offers a wide variety of topics for all individuals who are on the lifelong journey of adoption. AKA is an adoption triad group. Meeting with other adoptees as well as birthfamily and adoptive parents can be a powerful and rewarding experience.

AKA offers search assistance to those searching for family members who have been separated by adoption.

All members of AKA benefit from our lending library and access to audio recordings of the educational meetings.

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AKA Adoptees Say:

After I decided I wanted to share my life story as a reunited adoptee and reach out to all members of the adoption triad, I discovered Adoption Knowledge Affiliates. And on April 16, 2007, I gave my presentation, “Blessed Beyond Belief.” This nonprofit has remained near and dear to my heart and I’d attend their events more frequently if I lived much closer to Austin (I’m in Dallas-Fort Worth area). But, I returned again the next year for their annual conference and was a member of an Adult Adoptees panel. Both experiences were life-changing for me. I can never thank AKA enough for helping me reach out to others but also touch my life as well forever more! They do so much for the adoption triad members. I highly encourage you to check them out iand attend one of their meetings if you have not already. – Chelle, Adoptee

When I first found my birthfamily, I needed a safe place to process the roller coaster of emotions. As a founder of AKA, I yearned to hear first-hand perspectives from ALL parts of the triad. Hearing enlightened professionals and the experiences of others helped me contextualize my own story within this life-long and ever changing experience of adoption. Now it is many years later and I still find AKA a solid and skilled place to be with friends who “get me.” –Kathryn, Adopted Person

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