For Adoptive Parents

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Adoptive and Prospective Adoptive Parents can find support and adoption education at AKA.

Our general education meeting offers a wide variety of topics for all individuals who are on the lifelong journey of adoption. AKA is an adoption triad group. Meeting with other adoptive parents as well
as adoptees and birthfamily can be a powerful and rewarding experience. Adoptive and prospective adoptive families benefit from this unique aspect of AKA, learning and understanding about adoption through the eyes of the adoptee.

All members of AKA benefit from our lending library and access to audio recordings of the educational meetings.


AKA Adoptive Parents Say:

“AKA has been a sense of familiarity and belonging in the new world of adoption to us. We are so thankful for that sense of belonging and support as we’ve become adoptive parents.”
– Jenny Leman, Adoptive Mom

“AKA has been a source of expert advice from those who have been there. It’s led to long-term friendships. It’s a place where I can always find understanding. It’s given me a place to serve where I think I can make a difference. My daughter sees it’s ok for adoption to be out in the open, without shame.”
– adoptive mom

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