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AKA offers the only support group in Central Texas not affiliated with any child placing agency that provides services for birthparents and family members. AKA recognizes that placing a child for adoption is an experience that has a lifelong impact on a woman and her family. We are here to offer support and understanding to all family members who have lost a child to adoption.

Birthparent Group

Our birthparent group meets at 7pm on the third Monday of every month after our general education meeting at the Settlement Home, 1607 Colony Creek Dr.

General Education Meeting

Our general education meeting offers a wide variety of topics for all individuals who are on the lifelong journey of adoption. AKA is an adoption triad group. Meeting with other birthparents as well as adoptees and adoptive parents can be a powerful and rewarding experience.

Search Assistance

AKA offers search assistance to those searching for family members who have been separated by adoption.  Our committee offers guidance for those searching, we do not conduct the search.  Please email if you would like to be put in touch with our committee members.

All members of AKA benefit from our lending library and access to audio recordings of the educational meetings.

Helpful Links

My baby, Not my Child, by Callie Mitchell

AKA Birth Families Say:

“When I found out in January 2010 that I have a granddaughter who was adopted at birth, I had no idea how to find her or how to approach her and her family when I did find her.  Two months later, I joined AKA.  The accepting, experienced AKA community guided and supported me through the process of connecting with my granddaughter and her family.  Now, at the monthly meetings, I continue to learn how to strengthen the bond between us.”
–Sharon, birthgrandmother

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