Jim Rockwell Founder’s Challenge…$500 Matching Donation

Get ready to show your love  for AKA this Valentine’s Day!  Jim Rockwell, one of AKA’s infamous founders, has pledged to match donations up to $500 through Valentine’s Day.  Jim Rockwell and our other founding members created an organization to allow all triad members to share their adoption experiences, to grow and learn from each [...]

Share your knowledge and experiences as a lesbian and a person who is adopted

Please consider sharing your knowledge and experiences as a lesbian and a person who is adopted.  This study is a dissertation research project that aims to contribute to knowledge about the experiences of lesbians who are adopted by exploring the following question: How does being adopted influence the coming out process for lesbians?  This is [...]


TEAM AKA Takes to the Ice Saturday, February 1st at 7pm at the Cedar Park Center Please join AKA and our community partners as we celebrate adoptive families on Saturday, February 1st at 7pm at the Cedar Park Center!   This will be a fun, family oriented evening of hockey and hoopla as the Stars take to [...]

Adoptive Parents: Talking with Traumatized Children About Their Lives by Debra Wesselmann, MS, LIMHP

Over the years, I have worked with many adults who were adopted as infants or adopted from overseas or from the U.S. foster system. A common theme I have heard from every adult was, “No one ever talked to me about being adopted. No one talked to me about the things I had experienced. No [...]

Parental Stress and How It Impacts Adjustment in Adoption by Brooke Randolph, LMHC

Stress - it's been a major focus of my career as a mental health therapist. I know the adoption process is stressful (on top of your daily stressors) and we talk about stress management during our adoption preparation classes, but that is barely an intro. When parents become more stressed than normal during the adoption process, [...]

AKA Book Review Meeting- September

In September, the AKA monthly meeting was a members book review.  Meeting attendees brought some of their favorite adoption-related books to share and pass.  Many thanks to Amanda Surrec who took excellent notes and compiled the following list of recommended books and resources! Nonfiction Books The Open Adoption Experience: A Complete Guide for Adoptive and [...]

“I Think I Have Read Too Many Books on RAD” by Debra Wesselmann, MS, LIMHP

A mom in my office today had an epiphany after her adopted son beautifully verbalized his deep-seated belief that he is unloved and unlovable.  She said, “I think I have read too many books on RAD over the years that told me that RAD kids manipulate and parents must stay in control of them.  I [...]

Donaldson Adoption Institute Release Reports on Education for Mental Health Professionals

Last month, the Donaldson Adoption Institute published a report entitled "A Need to Know" which highlights the need for, and lack of, adoption competent mental health professionals.  Previous research published by The Institute in 2010 indicates the adoptive families seek clinical services at a rate  of three times more than non-adoptive families.  Three times!  And [...]

The Adoption and Jewish Identity Project is looking for stories!

Are you, or is someone you know, an adoptee between the ages of 18 and 36 who was raised in a family that identified at least in part as Jewish?  In the coming year, we will be gathering stories from young adult adoptees raised in American Jewish families. This effort is part of a research [...]

Dan Rather Reports Nominated for Emmy® Award For Outstanding Investigative Journalism in a News Magazine

Dan Rather Reports is proud to announce that an investigative report we did on forced adoptions has been nominated for an Emmy® Award For Outstanding Investigative Journalism in a News Magazine. In an exhaustive six month investigation that ranged from Australia to the U.S., they found a widespread and shocking practice, even at the height [...]