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With the advent of DNA testing, the rising prevalence of open adoptions, and the challenges we face in our current foster care system, Adoption Knowledge Affiliates is more relevant than ever. As we approach our 25th year serving Central Texas, we’d like to take a moment to say thank you for your dedicated support. AKA is a grassroots, member funded organization, advocating for change and providing community support. Without you, we could not offer our individual services, innovative monthly programing, and our annual conference. Impacting the Austin community and beyond with our message of truth and honesty in adoption practices since 1992 is indeed an accomplishment. It is an accomplishment you can take pride in, not possible without your generous support, year after year.

AKA has evolved with the times. We maintain a website, Facebook Page, and Twitter account, all designed to keep you current on the latest developments in the field of adoption and informed of AKA’s upcoming events. If you haven’t checked us out online, we are easier than ever to find!  Like our FB page and stay up to date! We also continue to publish our quarterly newsletter for our members. Again, none of this would be possible without the ongoing support of individuals and organizations, who believe, along with us, that adoption is not a one time event, but a lifelong journey.

“AKA gave me a voice when no one could hear me. They gave me the strength and motivation to find my past and heal the present. They have opened the secrets and lies and gave power to the truth. We ALL matter (birth parents, adoptees, adoptive parents). We can learn from each other in an open healthy safe environment. Together we are the woven triangle of love.”  – Karen Howry, Adoptee & Birth Mother

[AKA] directed me toward the tools I would need to start writing the next chapters of my life. At the 2015 AKA conference, I had the opportunity, for the first time, to hear adoptees speak out in an open, welcoming forum. I felt like I got to mingle with a family I had never known. And, three days after the conference, I got to do it again. I met my birth Mom and her two children, my half sister and brother for the very first time!  I can never really express how thankful I am for AKA and their kind ways and insights. They promise to do their very best as a non-profit organization to support every part of the adoption triangle. “Grateful” doesn’t begin to express how I feel.  -Sharon Frech, reunited adoptee

“AKA blends the best evidence based science with the power of peer-based, practical, firsthand experience to create a greater awareness of and appreciation for the ongoing and tender complexities adoption entails. AKA is a personal connection with real, sometimes critical resources to help at every turn, and friends who understand why it’s challenging. The sense of unity that being part of a community brings is invaluable. I owe you all a debt I can only repay by continuing to share your wisdom with my daughter, honoring and respecting her truth, and supporting her with love from every side of her family. Thank you to all the donors who make this forum possible! We are a stronger family because of you!  -Dawn Williamson Scott, adoptive parent

We rely on your financial support to continue offering our services to individuals and families who are part of the adoption triad, as well as the many adoption professionals who continue to gain from our honest and informed perspective.  This year, AKA’s Annual Fund Drive will cover the increasing conference production costs, as well as necessary upgrades to our website, which serves as the public’s portal to our services.  Please help support AKA by returning your check with the pledge form below or by donating online at We need your help in reaching our fundraising goal of $1,500.

Your support of AKA allows us to fulfill our unique mission in our community and beyond. Thank you!


Adoption Knowledge Affiliates Board of Directors

P.S. A great way to make a donation is to purchase a tribute ad  in our conference program. Is there someone you would like to thank who helped in your adoption journey? Are you thankful for a certain family member? Here is a chance to acknowledge them and help AKA fulfill our mission! Or perhaps you’d like to advertise your business or project? Visit our conference sponsorship page for full details at