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About AKA

AKA provides adoption education and support for all triad members and adoption professionals.

Join us each third Monday of the month for Education and Support Groups for all members of the triad 

(Birth Parents, Adoptees, Prospective/Adoptive Parents).

Next Meeting: March 20, 2017 at 7:00 p.m.

Topic: The Reality of Foster Care 

The Settlement Home for Children Foster and Adoption Program

1607 Colony Creek Dr, Bldg B, Austin, Texas 78758

Our Mission

Adoption education, support and connection

Company Overview

Adoption Knowledge Affiliates is a place where adopted people, birth parents, adoptive parents and others are coming together to find a depth of understanding unimaginable before. Whether you're seeking to form a family through adoption, seeking information about family members you have been disconnected from or just seeking knowledge about the lifelong issues in adoption, AKA provides helpful information through educational resources, on-going programs, and emotional support. At our events you will find people of great courage, choosing to sift through past and present perceptions about adoption in order to give voice to the losses, joys and hopes found in adoption's reality. 

AKA is an organization where there is often a broadening of perspective, a change of heart, tears shed and relief found. AKA is a place where people are reaching out and growing stronger.

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